Thursday, 6 January 2011

interview with professional stage designer

Interview with professional stage designer
The reason I became a stage designer was because of the love I developed for the theatre from a young age.
The main challenge of this industry is all the competition.
The main thing you need to succeed in this industry is a lot of ambition and a lot of skill.
This job is mainly freelance which means you do not get a regular pay check.
This means you need to be much disciplined in how you spend your money.
3D design is the subject area you need to base your expertise in.
The pay can be very good for example if you work in film or TV you can make up to 500 pounds a week.
You need to have a good agent who can help you find work.
The good thing about this job is that you will never be doing the same thing twice or in the same place twice.
You also need to be extremely creative to do this kind of work.
The other good thing about this job is all the travel.
This job can also give you very high levels of stress, this is due to all the responsibility you have.
The biggest challenges include managing at times very tight budgets and deadlines and you also get no job security.
The most important skill you need is good communication skills.

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