Monday, 23 May 2011

What is a mood board for?
A mood board is used for visual research to aid the set designers understand what the stage should look like. The mood board we had to make was about 1950s New York. This was so that we could design the set for the show we were doing “the little shop of horrors”. It also gave us an inspiration for our design.
I researched my theme by looking into life in 1950s New York, this included going through many different website and researching into several magazines looking for answers.
I found the best images in the internet but I also found some good images in magazines and scanned them onto the computer and used them on my mood board.
I used the mood board to help me design the miniature version of the set because it gave me an idea of what it was like in that period.
I used the image to also help guide me in the right direction when It came to the design of the final set because I had to make it look as convincing as possible.

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